Body Work Tools

Our bodies take a beating when we pole and it's important to take care of ourselves afterwards in order to keep our bodies going! Here are my favorite tools from my tool chest: 

This little guy is my absolute favorite tool and has become a favorite with many of my students! It's like having a massage therapist's thumb in your bag. It sticks to smooth surfaces so you can stick it to the wall and dig into those knots to dissolve them!

If you need something harder than a thumb or if you're trying to get into a hard to reach spot, the Back Buddy works wonders! My second favorite portable tool...

This kit gives you lots of size variety for digging into the knots. It also includes a peanut, a spikey ball and an instruction manual to help you work out all the kinks, aches and pains!

This one is a MUST for every pole dancer! Our arms get brutalized and this helps get rid of forearm pain and more. If you've heard of the Armaid, this does what that does, but it can also be used on many other areas of the body.

There are foam rollers that feel good and there are foam rollers that actually help with muscle recovery. This one is fantastic! And it doesn't get softer with lots of use like many of the basic foam rollers. 

Sometimes you need a little more with your foam rolling and the Rumble Roller delivers. It has lots of bumps that help with trigger points and can actually give some myo-fascial release benefits that normal foam rollers can't.

It is doubtful that the TENS machines actually provide lasting benefits. But they do feel good! Most physical therapy offices use these machines with their patients, but I've always been told that it's more of a temporary pain reliever. At any rate, this is a great price and it does feel good.

If you really want to invest in taking care of your body, research has shown that using an inversion table for a few minutes each day can help keep your spine healthy and flexible as well as increasing circulation. In fact, I'm going to go get on my Teeter now!

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