Grip Aids

Grip Aid effectiveness varies from person to person and depends greatly on each individual's body chemistry. I personally have drier skin on my body and my hands alternate between "normal sweat" and "higher sweat".  These are the products I use:

This helps give your body some grip. Squeeze out a small amount-about the size of a quarter-and spread that all over your legs, arms and torso after showering. Make sure to wait at least 30 minutes before poling. Particularly great in dry climates and dry weather! 

This works as an anti-perspirant for your palms and is best combined with another grip aid. Apply this to your palms and rub in at least 15-30 minutes before poling.

This is for "normal" levels of sweat and helps keep your hands dry and free of sweat while poling. It can be applied right before poling (alone or on top of the tite grip). Reapply as needed.

If your hands tend to be sweatier than normal, you can use this instead of Dry Hands on top of the Tite Grip. Not only does it keep your hands dry, it also adds a little bit of tac.

This is good for the bendy parts of your body (elbows, knees) as well as anywhere else you may need a little extra "stick". Be careful with it tho, as it can turn slimy after a lot of contact with the pole, which is why I tend to use it in areas that aren't always on the pole. I don't recommend using it on your hands or feet!

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