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If you've never done a virtual private lesson, you probably have questions about how this works. If you have your own pole or access to a pole, we can do lessons over Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Skype, or FaceBook Video Messenger. Make sure you have a device that will allow you to set your camera up in front of your pole and that you know how to video calls. Here are some of the FAQs:

What can I work on in a virtual private?

Competition and Performance routines-As an experienced competitor, performer, performance coach and judge, I can help you smooth out your routines, perfect your technique, layer on character and story, increase the difficulty, rework your combos and more. We can work on this together in a virtual private and/or you can over videos for detailed feedback and suggestions.

Leveling Up-If you are feeling "stuck" at your current level and aren't sure what to work on to break through, I can help you identify what is holding you back and work out a game plan for how to progress.

Trick perfection-If you are close to nailing a trick but something is off, as long as you do not need physical spotting, I can help identify and correct the issue.

Combo Creation-If you have a bunch of tricks that you want in a combo but you're not sure how to get from point A to point B, we can work on that in a Virtual Private.

Progress Tracking-one of the most popular uses of virtual privates is having an accountability coach. Scheduling regular sessions where I can watch your progress and help you tweak your technique will keep you on track and moving forward.

Basic Pole Instruction-If you are new to pole, I can teach you basic moves and choreography to get you up and poling!

Instructor Training-As co-owner and a Master Trainer with the Pole Fitness Alliance, I can work with you to get you ready for instructor certification and teaching.

What CAN'T I work on in a virtual private?

Anything that requires spotting-Because I won't actually be there in person, we cannot work on anything that would require someone to spot you. If there is an advanced trick that you want to work towards, I can provide you with pre-requisite moves that you can use to build up to the move and that you can do safely without a spot. This way you'll be ready when you are able to find someone at your location who can safely spot you.

What equipment do I need for a Virtual Private Lesson?

A pole-Most people do their virtual private lessons on their home pole or while renting a studio, but you can also do them during "open pole" time at many studios. Check with your local studio to see if this is allowed. Some studios restrict the use of cell phones and/or recording devices.

A smartphone, tablet or laptop-The virtual private lesson will be done over a video call so you will need one of these devices. I use Zoom most often, but can also use FaceTime, Google Meet, Skype, or FaceBook Messenger's video chat. If there is another app you would like to use, please contact me to see if it is possible.

Why do you offer half hour sessions? Is that enough time?​

Because there are no external distractions and many students like to warm up prior to the private lesson, trick based virtual private lessons tend to be more focused and many students feel that doing more than a half hour would be too exhausting. That being said, an hour session is better if there are topics that need to be discussed before or during the lesson (such as feedback on a routine, working through details of combinations and choreography, goal setting and progress tracking) or if you are a well conditioned athlete who is has built up the stamina to keep going for an hour.


I offer both single lesson pricing and discounted lesson packages. Single sessions are $40 for a half-hour session and $75 for a one-hour session. Discounted packages are detailed below.

Video Feedback: If you would like feedback on videos (for competition or performance routines, or for nemesis tricks), the pricing is the same - $40 for a half-hour of general written and/or video feedback and notes or $75 for an hour of more detailed feedback. If you would like me to do specific feedback for your exact competition, taking into account the element scoring for that competition, you will need to select the hour.

Discounted Private Lesson Packages

10-Pack (half-hour sessions): $375 for ten 30-minute virtual private lessons**

5-Pack (one hour sessions): $360 for five 60-minute virtual private lessons*

10-Pack (one hour sessions): $700 for ten 60-minute virtual private lessons**

  • *One-hour 5-pack must be used within 10 weeks of first use.

  • **Half-hour 10-pack and One-Hour 10-pack must be used within 20 weeks of first use.

  • If multiple packages are purchased, only one package will be active at a time. The expiration date for the remaining package(s) will not be set until it is activated.

  • Discounted private lesson packages are non-refundable.


Cancellation due to medical emergency: No charge

Cancellation more than 48 hours prior to scheduled private: No charge

24-48 hours prior: $10 cancellation fee

8-24 hours prior: $20 cancellation feeHeadline

< 8 hours prior: Full charge (or loss of one-private if a private pack has been purchased)

How to Book

Please contact me prior to purchasing for schedule, logistics and other questions. Once we discuss your needs and schedule, I will forward a payment link.

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